Stop Burden On Society

Head & neck injuries and their various physical damages to the brain, spine and soft tissue are followed by various associated disorders.  Victims go from being contributing members of society to being passive members and of great cost to society.


  • 5-10% are disabled with chronic conditions in whiplash and 10-15% in sports concussion.
  • 54% cannot take care of themselves financially, and receive social welfare if such exists.
  • A fourth of people with only 5-8% diagnosed permanent injuries are disabled and can’t work.
  • Whiplash is a multi-billion-dollar burden to society in costs and loss of income taxes.
  • The cost of associated disorders far outweighs the costs of the injury itself.

Healthcare Issues

In the days, months and years after minor injury to the neck and brain, people are continuously seeking help from one medical specialist after the other.

In the wilderness of desperation, they live with serious chronic illnesses, treated as separated disorders, by doctors who are unaware of the likelihood of an injury being the cause. 

WHIPCON will make a difference with research.

Impact On Healthcare

WHIPCON’s work will lead to a future with healthcare professionals to spot and timely treat injury to prevent multiple associated disorders.

Increased awareness on injury associated illnesses , will  also allow a high number of specialists to spot where whiplash injury and concussion may the underlying cause of symptoms within their own field.

Our work will save time and money while creating optimism among patients.

“It is a human right to get correct physical diagnosis, effective therapy and a structured treatment plan. Head and neck injuries should never be left undiagnosed, no matter how small they are. It all adds up over a lifetime”

Marianne Sandberg, Founder WHIPCON