WHIPCON is an online science sharing organization working to reveal new opportunities for treatment of mild traumatic brain and neck injuries. We aim for an individualized and effective combination therapy that can reduce the duration of illness.

WHIPCONs Objective is to describe the biological processes leading to the associated disorders that disable people and to find a new universal combination therapy normalizing the newly injured and improving chronic conditions.

WHIPCON will be doing this by

  • gathering a group of leading international specialists, to re-evaluate the biological processes linking complex injury with multiple symptoms of associated disorders.
  • importing the existing science in an IT system, using the newest bioinformatics and artificial intelligence technology. This will enable scientists get a complete overview and reevaluate all existing science – not least to reveal new connections (in the light of new cellular science from the past decade).

WHIPCON will continue to update the public with progress and will within the coming years launch a data collection system for patients to donate their data to the scientists.

We believe in a global online, interdisciplinary approach as key components in better diagnosis and universal treatment.  If the injury is multiple it should, as standard be treated, in a structured multiple approach. 

Board Members

Portrait of Marianne Sandberg, CEO of Whipcon

Marianne Sandberg

M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, Biological Sciences from DTU

Background: 15+ years experience from pharmaceutical industry and international health care communications, from companies as Radiometer Medical and Novo Nordisk. Marianne is experienced communication of science to medical doctors. Marianne invented IT systems for sharing data in science. Her own peer reviewed publications in anaerobic metabolism (from the first years after graduation) are still highly cited 25 years after. Marianne has personal experience with whiplash and concussion. In 2017 she was certified in brain health, postgraduate level, in USA.

Portrait of DR. J. E. Pedersen-Bach

Dr. J. E. Pedersen-Bach

Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic

Since 2015 Dr. Pedersen-Bach has been the clinical director and owner of “Specialklinikken Rebild” in Denmark. He specializes in whiplash injury (Website). Upon his return to Denmark after decades abroad, the lack of correct diagnostics and treatment made Dr. Pedersen-Bach, take up and extend his work with whiplash injury. By help of DMX, digital motion X-ray (Philips Veradius fluoroscope) a video is taken of the spine in motion to diagnose injuries on the upper vertebrae and joints. When integrated with Gonstad’s static analysis a unique diagnostic tool is seeing its light. The clinic is starting new clinical research of neck trauma with colleagues in US, UK and DK. Of special interest are the frequent injuries of the atlas joint and C7. Dr. JEPB has lived in 5 countries, has a range of patents in his field, has been involved in "PRO and stem cell therapy for injury" with a scientist in Australia.

Portrait of Stig Pramming MD, PhD

Dr. Stig Pramming

MD, PhD from University of Copenhagen

Former Professor in Diabetes at Oxford University, Honorary Consultant in the British National Health System (NHS), Fellow at Harris Manchester College (UK). Former CEO of the Oxford Health Alliance, a non-profit organization fighting chronic illness. Several international peer reviewed publications. Dr. Pramming has extensive experience with the organization of international collaborations in medical research, prevention of illness, communication of science as well as private-public partnerships.

The Team