People with whiplash injury after traffic accidents, suffer from chronic back pain. This is a type of pain originating in the central nerve system*. At the meeting in San Diego 2018, Dr. Ana Lucas-Osma presented ultimate news in this area with a poster titled “Chronic Hypoxia induced by pericytes contributes to hypersensitivity and allodynia* after spinal cord injury”. 

WHIPCON announces Ana Maria Lucas-Osma, University of Alberta, Canada’s, acceptance to be a WHIPCON study group member. Dr Lucas-Osma has published her work in the ultimately considered “Nature Medicine”. She also has a traumatic spinal cord injury, giving an extra dimension in understanding the injury, both from a scientific point and a practical point looking for practical solutions. We will bring a summary of the work, on the sites “Scientific Awareness” section, once it has been published.