The term ‘mild traumatic brain injury’ (mTBI) has gained traction recently, after it was revealed that it despite its name, is a serious injury.

Scientists have found that repeated minor concussive blows to the head slowly builds up brain damage, gradually over years, even if there is no unconsciousness involved in each concussion. With slow worsening of symptoms  it is not possible to see the difference immediately before and after each concussion, but it is however possible to see the difference in young players before and after a season of American football, on fMRI scans.

Several researchers have described a developing neurodegeneration after mild traumatic brain injury, leading to conditions like CTE, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS and early death.

Results of a large Danish epidemiological study (100.000 patients) could indicate that the same gradual effect takes place as a consequence of whiplash injury. The study finds an increased risk of serious disorders after the whiplash injury. Like repeated minor concussions, however, it is NOT possible to see the difference immediately before and after each accident. This points to a close similarity to concussive injury, which is found to add up gradually over the years.

WHIPON believes in further scientific evaluations of “brain-neck injuries buildup over time” and support new studies to be made in repeated mild traumatic brain-neck injuries!

WHIPCON will create a new study group with leading scientists writing a publication on the possible mechanisms involved in combined head and neck injuries. By supporting WHIPCON you support this work.