Hypersensibility in the central nerve system, also called CENTRAL SENSITIZATION, is every day for people in chronic pain condition after whiplash injury. Often all senses are overactive.

Scientist have described this phenomenon through many years. Since 2013, there has been evidence for central sensitization in patients with chronic whiplash injury. This means is enough large clinical studies to document its existence statistically (Source).

In 2015, the clinical director of the highly ranking Mayo Clinic, in the USA, observed an even larger physical syndrome in their patients with central sensitization. In this interesting 12 min. video  Dr. Sletten explains  “CENTRAL SENSITIZATION” and why it is perceived a physical syndrome with physical or biochemical roots.

He considers the patients poor emotional condition, as a direct consequence of doctor’s lack of understanding as well as the patients being subject to multiple uncoordinated visits to a large number of specialists,  being unable to help them overall.


Watch this 12 minute youtube video.